Our mission is simple, to provide quality medical products at a competitive price on time.

Medical Polymers strives to provide high quality medical components within specifications quickly and reliably. We process a wide variety of thermoplastics, using medical grade virgin materials. We also have the ability to accommodate projects from individual mock ups, to full scale national distribution. Medical Polymers specializes in molded catheters for various medical applications, including a vascular closure devise. Along with our insert and injection molding operation, we can offer a variety of supporting services. These services include catheter tipping, skive hole placement, as well as pad printing and assembly to achieve the deign detail needed for the specialized equipment needs of today’s progressive medical treatment. Medical Polymer features an ISO 13485 compliant clean room available for assembly and packaging. The most important asset at Medical Polymers is our customers. That is why the company has combined its knowledge into a multipurpose line of products:

 Custom Colored Mini Blade
 Standard Multi-Lumen Catheter Manifold
 Standard ISO Compliant Female Luer